Hemp Milk


Creamy, delicious milk (milk alternative) is hard to come by when you are doing dairy free. Really, if you can do dairy, I think raw, organic dairy is the best (and only) way to go as it is the safest, most natural route for milk. It has been shown to help strengthen bones and teeth, and in the book Cure Tooth Decay, Nagel writes quite a bit about raw, organic dairy and it’s benefits.

Being dairy free, we turned to alternative milks like almond, rice and hemp milk. However, I have found over time that these milks are actually not that great for you when you buy them commercially.

Carrageenan is an additive that is in just about every alternative milk. I kept getting intuition to stop drinking it, and about a month after I did, I saw this article:


So then I read through all the ingredients of the alternative milks on the shelf… coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk, etc, and all of them had carrageenan except for one.

Rice milk.

So we turned to rice milk, but even that didn’t feel great. We used it though, thinking it was more than likely safe enough to drink. Then I read this article from Consumer Reports stating that rice milk, rice products, and rice in the US has been found to have high amounts of arsenic in it. And the brand we use is on the list.


In search of the perfect milk alternative, a good friend of mine asked if I’d tried to make hemp milk. Homemade hemp milk? Hmmmm…. she gave me a suggestion of proportions, and with that and a little luck, I figured out a 2 minute recipe for perfect hemp milk!

And if you want to do some reading about hemp seeds, here is a great place to start:


Even my daughter loves it and asks for more. As you can see, I can barely take a photo without an eager hand coming to get the glass to drink :)

You can also make your own almond milk, and if there is a rice that does well for you, rice milk is super easy too. I’ll add these recipes soon, but for now here is the easiest one of all!

Hemp Milk


  • 1/2 cup organic hemp seeds
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
  • Sweetener (optional) We use a little bit of Sunrider’s Sunectar (stevia)

Dishes used:

  • High speed blender
  • Measuring cup


  1. Combine hemp seeds, water, vanilla and sweetener (if using either) and run in a high speed blender for 1-2 minutes.
  2. If you want you can strain it through a cheese cloth, or just enjoy as is.

That’s it!

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